bee hyland is a writer, podcaster, and artist. she's a student at sarah lawrence college, and she's sort of bouncing between new york and dc, at the moment. she likes short walks on the beach and corny ghost stories, as well as a lot of other things.


visual art!

commissions open, email beeahyland@gmail.com


graceless / coming out stories & television
jerry / a comedic short film on a budget of zero about the futility of art in the modern era


violet beach is an audio drama about communication. you can listen to it here

(or, more specifically, it's an experimental soft-horror dramadey ya slice-of-life series told through short monologues. but, look, that's a a mouthful and a half, so let's stick to that first sentence.)

it's about seven young people who connect at a new year's party when they see the sky in the maryland town they call home turn bright purple. sending each other audio updates on the strangeness around them, they end up revealing their vulnerabilities, their fears, and their joys in ways they typically cannot.

it's about youth and love and life. it's about meeting people who understand you. it's about the ways we identify. and, hey, it's also about ghosts, kind of. that's cool.

the show is PG-13, pretty much. there's occasional swearing, some horror themes, and romance between characters.

any given episode has a blanket content warning for loud noise, water, and mentions of injury.

violet beach has been compared to night in the woods, twin peaks, oxenfree, and lost.

it can be downloaded on all major podcatchers. transcripts are available on its website.

it is fan-funded, through patreon & ko-fi.

the show is created, written, and sound designed by bee hyland. it's edited by ollie jones.

teresa marin is played by theresa carr
charlotte cranor-liu is played by emma chan
benji ahuja is played by ajey pandey
robin cabell harper is played by katie waddel
aj diggs is played by elliot m.
elaine tisca-harper is played by pika n.
angie thompson is played by amelia bisaccia
mae babson is played by katherine e. davis

“What could easily turn into a larger-than-life, Stranger Things meets Riverdale, action-packed adventure, though, always stays deeply rooted in character. The narrative here isn’t about a mysterious, terrifying town: the narrative is about seven friends growing up in a town that is also kind of mysterious and maybe terrifying. The overarching story in regards to the ominous happenings in the town parallel the horror and existential dread of being a young adult on the precipice of such changes: it’s always there, and sometimes it’s the most important thing to discuss, but often, it’s treated as just a part of life that hopefully the characters will get through. There’s a feeling of vulnerability and authenticity to the protagonists, partially due to their writing and partially due to their performances. The writing puts the characters in a specifically modern-day setting, but also feels timeless. There’s a combination of listlessness, nostalgia, and the desire to both hang on to things as they were and move forward present in each of the characters.” - Wil Williams, Wil Williams Reviews

"i'm only two episodes in and i can already tell it's going to be one of my favorite podcasts." -itunes reviewer

more about bee

hey! how are you today? my name's bee hyland. i'm a writer, podcaster, and activist based in the dc metro area and new york city.

currently, i'm a student at sarah lawrence college, where my studies focus on poetry, visual media, and sociology. i spend my free time writing shows like violet beach and the fantastic adventures of one desdemona burns, as well as composing music, listening to dnd podcasts, and planning out talk show appearances for the far future.

i enjoy coming-of-age films, being gay, punk music, and exactly one type of gluten-free bread.

fast facts
pronouns: she/her/hers
location: loudoun county, va
birthday: october 2nd, 2000
proficient in: final cut, audacity,
adobe creative suite, spanish, obscure sitcom references
dnd stats: half-elf druid, ideally. chaotic good, almost definitely.
pets: a beagle-adjacent dog named chloe
coffee order: cinnamon latte w/ oak milk, please and thanks.


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